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Lost Continuing Education Certificate Information

248 CMR Section 11.04

(6) Initial Certificate and Documentation of Completion of (MCE) Mandatory Continuing Education Requirements.

(a) Upon the successful completion of the clock hours of continuing education each licensee shall receive from his or her board approved continuing education provider a certificate of completion.

(b) Each licensee shall retain such documentation for three renewal cycles and shall furnish it to the Board for verification of completion of the mandatory continuing education requirements if so requested. Failure to provide proof of required documentation may result in non-renewal of a license or other disciplinary action by the Board.

(7) Duplicate (MCE) Mandatory Continuing Education Certificate.

(a) Any licensee whose certificate of completion has been lost or destroyed shall obtain a duplicate certificate from the original provider by forwarding a written request including the reason(s) for the duplicate and any fee required by the Provider.

(b) It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to make available all certificates to the Board if requested by the Board.

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The cost for a duplicate Certificate is $25.00 each session.